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The Luxury Power Catamaran Lifestyle

Time. Space. Freedom. Who doesn’t want more of these elusive elements?

Owning a Lazzara Catamaran affords the opportunity to make the most of all three. Our patent pending new multihull Lazzara Catamarans design platform creates more square footage in 85 feet than what is typically found on a 130-foot monohull yacht. The lower deck is designed to take advantage of the full beam of the yacht, ensuring that your master suite and guest staterooms are among the most spacious of any in its class. The Lazzara Catamarans design is both more efficient to operate and more modest in purchase price than comparable yachts. It permits owners to spend more time on board with family, friends, or simply their own thoughts. Additional time and space that invite you to enjoy every moment on board will prove that a Lazzara Catamaran delivers the freedom to live the yachting lifestyle of your dreams.


LPC 85:
elegant simplicity, massive space

At Lazzara, we are designing for the future with valuable expertise from the past, supported with breaking technology and innovation. Lazzara Catamarans presents our groundbreaking alternative to the traditional yacht because you deserve something extraordinary. Smooth exterior lines with stylish lighting and crisp louvers contribute to the yacht’s contemporary profile. Rich woods and fine finishes in both the interior and the exterior of the yacht prove form and function are complementary in all facets of design. Shallow draft means an opportunity to explore places more cumbersome yachts could never approach. All in all, the LPC 85 is the perfect yacht for these contemporary times, getting everything right without wasting an inch.

LPC 70:
simple elegance and space to spare

Made for extraordinary voyages and short hops, the LPC 70 is the spitting image of the LPC 85. Pretty combinations of curved and chiseled surfaces create a chic, contemporary design that turns heads and earns respect. Large expanses of glazing and graceful details are traced with strategic lighting for a dramatic evening look. In clean style that is at once minimalist and luxurious, the LPC 70 quietly announces her arrival to every port with a confident profile.


Lazzara Catamarans owns an impressive yachting heritage reaching back to the Lazzara Yachts tradition and experience.

The third generation of the Lazzara name in yacht design, we are producing beautiful new power and luxury yachts from the design office based in Tampa. Developing an additional line embracing stylish power catamarans, Lazzara Catamarans will launch with the innovative LPC 85 and LPC 70 on an entirely new platform that will prove a new industry standard, offering a full beam main level that increases living area.

Carrying on the Lazzara tradition, employing clever innovation, intelligent yacht design, and demanding standards, Lazzara Catamarans is poised to add excitement to the lineup of superyachts in the news. Look for increased LOA along with delightful industry disruptors, and some big waves about to be made in the yachting industry.

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